The Lure of Asia in Hong Kong was the first time this event was held outside Paris

An annual conference run by the acclaimed International Herald Tribune, the Hong Kong event in 2004 themed on The Lure of Asia was the first time the event was held outside Paris.

Attendees from more than 40 countries range from C.E.O.’s, presidents and managing directors of luxury brands to creative directors, designers and suppliers and offer delegates an unparalleled opportunity to debate the latest business developments and trends and to network with peers from around the world. Read more »

PMP 2007


RSP produced and managed the Product Marketing Planning Conference

The Annual Product Marketing Planning Conference for Montblanc is internationally a big event and the key time for staff to get together to learn about the key product messages for the year.

Success at this event is vital to ensure that the company world-wide is aligned on key sales messages and strategies that protect the brand integrity. The theme was built around these messages. Read more »