Hong Kong: The IHT’s highly regarded international business of luxury conference, is the must-attend annual forum for business and creative leaders from across the global luxury goods and fashion industry. They chose RSP, Asia’s premium event house to design, produce and manage their event.

Two Days Delivering A Luxury Conference to the Leaders of Luxury

With the creative freedom to architect a luxury space communicating an Asian vision of luxury, RSP designed and built a luxury living room in bold and lucky red at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong for the two day conference.

Hong Kong ‘The 5th Avenue of the Far East’

Working closely with the IHT’s London Conference team on the event management, each day was broken into four sessions accommodating over 300 people on each of the two days. Through technology, many more participants followed the debates with the live cameras capturing the action and broadcasting direct to the internet.

Hosted by Suzy Menkes, celebrated Fashion Editor for the IHT and OBE (Awarded for excellence in the Order of the British Empire), the event was a resounding success which is still quoted and referred to in current press and helped define the high standards that have come to be expected of this annual conference.

The Lure of Asia

Was the first location where the subject of ethics and luxury was tabled and remains a topic of ever increasing interest on an annual basis.