Hong Kong: With just five days to turn the W Hotel Great Room into an enchanted forest, RSP pulled out all the stops to create a playful room completely immersed in whimsy, that was suggestive, thoughtful and surprising while remaining subtle and sophisticated and communicated the W Hong Kong narrative.

An Enchanted Forest

RSP suggested enchanting table gardens be grown around Martini trees anchored with the earthy scents and textures of moss, and sporting mini crops of mushrooms and bluebells. Above them, RSP grew the enchanted forest canopy with lighting effects and brought it to life with strings of the iconic W Hong Kong butterflies flittering through the atmospheric light-scape and bringing the rhythm of the forest to the heart of the hotel.

Pin-lit tabletops with gobo effects facilitated transition moments throughout dinner as Haiku narrative played with the guest’s perceptions.

It was Playful, Whimsical, and Sophisticated Fun!

Service Theatre

Immersed completely in the theme, W service talent brought mini performance moments to the dining theatre, integrating transition, growth and change to the table gardens between each course. A music programme designed by the W team was integrated into the lighting programme from RSP—both of which were complemented by a creative cocktail dinner menu (not a wine dinner)—to create total sensory experiences. It was Playful, whimsical, sophisticated, fun.

"The BODW dinner was a tremendous success—our Great Room looked fabulous. A huge THANK YOU for the time and support you gave our team, who immensely enjoyed working with you. Your ability to grasp our concept, set-up the event within our outrageous schedule and your on-site professionalism ensured that we looked our best. The W Hong Kong team looks forward to another opportunity to work with you again soon." Benoit Racle, Director of Operations, W Hong Kong.

Images copyright of W Hong Kong and RSP used with their kind permission.