Hong Kong: Held in the city’s leading social hotel, the invitation invited guests to arrive for cocktails at seven, moments the paparazzi frenzy on the red carpet kicks off…

Art Deco: Chic and Machine Made

Greeting guests from the balcony of the hotel lobby, a 1930’s “shadow” orchestra set the tone for a chic, fun evening.

Downstairs, using the textural inspiration of the period, RSP used glass and metal to transform the Grand Hyatt Ballroom into a 1920's cinema foyer & interior. Large panes of geometric printed and back-lit glass, metal filigree walls and towering statues creating a party for the eyes made of the same fun and fantasy that excited party-goers back in the 1930’s.

Six metre tall gold statues, metallic table centrepieces and stained glass wall panels completed the transformation. A 1930’s style “Jazz Moderne” orchestra accompanied by singers & dancers in the fashion of the era entertained the guests dialled up the style.

And for the Tatler 30th Anniversary…

Pearl, the traditional gift to mark this celebration was teamed with crystal for an enchanting set-up. You can see the official photographs here.

Images copyright of RSP.