Shanghai: The closing of Monte Carlo National Day celebrations at Shanghai Expo was Shanghai at her best: Playing host to royalty with a circus in the skyline!

Celebrating Monte Carlo National Day during Shanghai Expo 2010

When the Festival International Du Cirque Monte Carlo, the world’s most renowned circus visited Shanghai to entertain the most important guests of Monaco during the final days of the 2010 Expo, they called RSP. We worked with them to stage their spectacular show on the 97th floor of the iconic Mori Tower.

Using the signature RSP hand-painted backdrops of historic, iconic “Grand Cirque” visuals, the space which looks down over the Shanghai skyline was fully transformed into a glamorous circus tent for the evening with all attention focussed on the full sized circus ring. Gypsy caravans lined the perimeter while the Park Hyatt service team dressed to theme in RSP designed uniforms.


SBM, Société de Bains de Mer of Monte Carlo treated guests royally with a four course dinner and magnums of fine champagne, while Princess Stephanie graciously thanked the Chinese for their hospitality, and cultural exchange which has seen Chinese performers added to her circus troupe.

The hosts from Monaco were happy to donate the sets and scenery from the evening to the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children for their annual fund-raising dinner later in the year, along with some generous gifts for the auctions.