Beijing: RSP produced an evening of music and motion for Montblanc, focussed on the concept of transformative change. The gas tank at D-Park, a hip art district in the northern suburbs metamorphosed into a party venue to impress Hollywood Star Nicolas Cage and his entourage along with Asia’s hottest celebrities.

METAMORPHOSIS - Haute Horlogerie

With a brief to create a party and a launch moment with all the drama of the world’s first transforming timepiece, RSP created an environment in the tank to support a narrative of change. Eight projectors the size of small cars fed constantly changing, completely immersive, custom created images and vignettes celebrating the transformation of China and her rise to a global super-power.

Beginning with early Chinese inventions and progressing through the ages to the modern architectural masterpieces the walls pulsated with images, music and motion along with performers and dancers who interacted with the projections to make full use of the 140 degree screens and soaring ceiling to immerse guests in the launch which culminated in the watch bursting from the screens and seemingly floating in a Montblanc starred universe above the crowd. Hollywood gasped!

Nicolas Cage and The Blue Man Group

In an RSP first, our team took on the complete event management of the party to offer a full service to Montblanc and ensuring seamless guest management, including the facilitation of Oscar winning Hollywood guest Nicolas Cage and his team. It was an incredibly successful introduction of a new service to the RSP offering getting it off to a great start.

International act, The Blue Man Group created a show for Montblanc for their first performance in China that was a highlight for the Chinese audience.

Images copyright of Montblanc.