Beijing: Using the National Olympic Indoor Stadium for the first time since the Olympic Games, RSP transformed the venue into a luxury performance and exhibition space with fully functioning catering kitchens for the presentation of the spectacular Journey Through Time.

Wow-Conic Story Telling

This event was produced as a celebration of time in honour of Montblancs serious entry into the premium timepiece market as a manufacturer of their own movements. To mark the occasion, Montblanc commissioned a Rock Opera to tell the story of their journey to put the soul into the piece. Using Wagner-esqe drama and Pink Floyd inspired production the twenty-minute piece was performed across three stages and projected on an array of ten metre screens. The internal design of the chronograph movement was used as inspiration for the stages and decoration and featured prominently in projections, costumes and room layouts. The production involved more than 100 performers including a Rock Band, Singer Mig Ayshea, 60 dancers and 20 specialised entertainers who interacted with the crowd.

Before the Rock Opera premiered, guests entered into an exhibition of time. Named The Journey Room, the hand-painted walls immersed guests in scenes of time with performance artists taking roles including Leonardo Da Vinci, the Sun King, Alexander the Great, Su Song, the inventor of the Chinese Water Clock, Ms Moon, Ms Hourglass and the Watch Ladies.

Outstanding Hospitality

Food and Beverage was a five star take on food fit for a rock-concert. Eaten standing, a veritable army of staff including more than 350 service staff and 120 in the kitchen kept the crowd satiated. The catering utilised the biggest ever on-site kitchen set-up by a five-star Beijing hotel ensured five-star food and beverage were delivered to party guests the entire evening. Taste sensations including pork belly popcorn served in paper cones, mini-burgers and contemporary Chinese dumplings amongst many other dishes were served. The star cocktail of the evening was a very rock-n-roll absintini.

Journey Through Time generated millions of dollars worth of press for Montblanc and was deemed an outstanding success.

Images copyright of Montblanc.