Beijing: Maison Montblanc, or the Grand Palace in Monaco? RSP transformed the new store in the Sanlitun Shopping District into a replica of the late Princess’ city and populated it with celebrities and entertainers.

Sanlitun transformed

In a bid to transport guests to Monaco, RSP was briefed to transform the plaza surrounding the new Maison into Monaco. The façade of the Grand Palace was built on top of an existing staircase that served as a dramatic Red Carpet, viewed from below by a VIP terrace flanked by the 24 piece orchestra. Surrounding that party guests were served drinks and canapés from the live food stations while celerity impersonators circulated through the crowd posing for photographs.

The Celebrity red carpet on the Palace staircase featured (impersonated) stars of Classic Hollywood arriving between the celebrities of today and iconic RSP showgirls keeping the party mood alive.

Inside the Maison a replica of the Princess’ car, an old Hollywood balcony and more sets provided photo opportunities for the glamorous guests to snap souvenir pictures. RSP also organised actors playing paparazzi to photograph party guests arriving via the red carpeted entrance which were later emailed out as mementos.

Monaco Moments

The day before the party, the press were also treated to their own lavish Monaco Moments with the hotel ballroom being transformed into it’s own mini Monaco with an elaborate fountain and outdoor café umbrellas bringing a touch of sunshine to the Chinese capital.

Images copyright of Montblanc.