Hong Kong: For all the Cancer Fund Balls, Desire has long been an RSP favorite: emotive décor, candlelight and luxurious textures in our favorite colour.

Desire—and the Essence of Valentine’s Day

Aiming to capture the essence of Valentines Day for the 2004 Ball, RSP created a decadent décor in crimson red. Floor to ceiling roses were hand-painted on theatrical sharks tooth gauze and hung in front of generous solid red drapes.

12-foot tall sculpted roses and candle-light added a warm sparkle

Entertainment by an Agent Provocateur styled dance troupe behind the transparent gauze gave dimension and the addition of 12-foot tall, sculpted roses and candlelight hung from the dramatic suspended floral table centerpieces contributed a warm sparkle.

A Decade of Themes, and Celebrities

Each year the balls themes have been fresh and diverse, entertaining many thousands of charitable guests and celebrities.

Romance (Roses), Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, a night with James Bond including Pierce Brosnan as special guest, Louis Vuitton’s Egypt and a Millennium Ball featuring Whitney Houston were all RSP productions with each raising an average of 7 million Hong Kong Dollars.

Images copyright of RSP.