Post show, guests were returned from the Great Wall to the Sanlitun Village where RSP event management took over. On arrival the celebrities, fashion icons and the fabulous guests were greeted with Hot Tomato Martini as the party began.

A Stunning Venue

Using an unfinished development for the party venue left open many creative options for a stunning RSP floor plan, including a cocktail reception area, dinner for 400 people and the Fendi Lounge for after.

Huge Fendi Baguette Bags & dresses hung in the spaces creating a stunning venue

The large glass window surfaces transformed the space when used as huge scale projection screens and huge (exact replica) Fendi Baguette bags and dresses hung in the spaces to create a stunning venue. Rising to the challenges raised serving an al-fresco dinner on a chilly October night, three heaters per table warmed the guests.

Back of house, two large off-site kitchens were built to serve the three course Italian dinner. Premium service came with a ratio of one waiter for every 2 guests.

Fit for Fashion

The after party in the Fendi Lounge attracted an extra 500 late night guests who partied amongst the Fendi Chandeliers, leaving no doubt in guest minds that all things Fendi are good.

Images copyright of Fendi. For more party pictures visit the photographer’s site.