Hong Kong, Beijing & Taipei: In 2004, Dior marketing focussed on “Dior Star”, an iconic campaign synonomous with the brand’s DNA that made their “Lucky Star” the fashion icon of the year.

Creating Craziness

Embarking on a rapid expansion of their boutique network across Asia, Dior wanted to create a paparazzi frenzy across the region to embed the brand personality into the fashion landscape. RSP worked with the Dior team to pull together an energetic series of fashiontastic events in three cities over five weeks. Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei openings, parties and parades created the Dior Star Asia buzz of 2004, and were the most coveted invitations of the year.

RSP transformed the Hong Kong Landmark Centre into the must attend party that Rocked Central

Hong Kong, Beijing & Taipei

Held in the Spring, the Hong Kong events kicked off a frenzy, closing off Central as fans crowded the streets surrounding the Landmark building to get a glimpse of the celebrities on the red carpet running the length of Pedder Street to the 2000 guest party inside. Dior fans watched from the street on the live feed projected onto the WorldWide House LED. Inside, RSP had transformed the Hong Kong Landmark Centre into the must attend party that Rocked Central and brought fashion to the city in a way it had never been seen before.

In Beijing, a municipal swimming pool was transformed into a glamorous mirrored catwalk and party room surrounded by live camera screens immersing the 1500 guests in images of beauty, fashion and celebrity. Guests got up close and personal with the fall/winter collection.

In Taipei, the party started with the Dior boutique opening in the iconic Taipei 101 building where an exhibition of Haute Couture impressed before an over-the-top party kicked off.

“The Dior Star events were designed to ‘create craziness’—RSP was the company both creative and dexterous enough to imagine a series of events that captured the passion and emotion of the Dior Spirit styled in the most culturally relevant way for each of the markets”.  Peter Cheung – Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific.

Images copyright to Dior used with their kind permission.