Shanghai: With the aim of establishing the newest timepiece, Ballon Bleu de Cartier as a classic art piece collection, a product launch for 1000 guests was held. The biggest for the esteemed jeweller in mainland China.

Graphic Exuberance

Ballon Bleu as collaboration between Cartier and six graphic artists who wrote the story of the watch series provided a fun creative direction for the party. As Cartier put it, Because reading time is synonymous with dreaming, travelling, as if in an imaginary bubble... whimsical, cloud like bubbles were hand-painted for the party interior.

Whimsical, cloud like bubbles were hand-painted for the party interior

This sense of whimsy and of future classic, informed both the setting of this glamorous party, the show-cases for the watches themselves and the entertainment for the guests. Comic Magicians, Singers, a Trance Opera and walk-around talent entertained the crowd while fabulous canapés, imagined as jewels served in exquisite packaging and served from jewellery cases indulged guests along with the free-flowing champagne.

Measuring Success

As with all RSP events, they are designed to achieve objectives. While a product launch is about creating awareness, it is ultimately to sell. At this event, several orders were taken on the evening. A measurable result of success.

Images copyright of Cartier.