Seoul: In the summer of 2008, Art de Cartier travelled to the renowned National Museum of Art in Deoksugung, where RSP built (in its own opinion) the most beautiful exhibition to date.

In the Mood for Jewels

Working with both a light and bright space for elegance and a second darker space for mood, RSP was able to create two distinct moods for the exhibitions themes—The Birth of Style, A Universal Curiosity, Styling of Women of Power and Archive and Workshop. The famous collection of Cartier tiaras suspended on infinite black with perfectly lit gems created drama from their setting in elegant white walls while back-lit images of the original jewellery design drawings glowed softly in the surrounds. In many cases, images and stories of owners of the pieces gave individual histories and added intrigue but ultimately illustrate the timeless quality of the pieces.

Delivering Emotion

For the Archive and Workshop Collection RSP created a warm room; black walls, with warm tones of wood and leather tools which wrapped visitors in the rarefied warmth of a Cartier workshop. Affording visitors insight into the design and crafting process of Cartier's works, including preliminary drawings, sketches, plaster moulds and other old documents in addition to the experience of the jewels and objects d’arte themselves the exhibition spoke to visitors on an emotional level and was successful in creating connections between them and the brand.

Images copyright of Cartier used with their kind permission.