Entering via the rabbit hole, guests arrived at the 2009 Charity Gala to sample cocktails and canapés tagged, Eat Me and Drink Me.

An Evening in Wonderland

Hosted by the Mad Hatter, the evening in Wonderland was an anarchic event; a stage managed example of precisely planned chaos directed to the minute by RSP.

Heavy on entertainment, dancers playing characters from the magical novel spilled from the stage and into the audience, pulling diners from their chairs for a twirl around the dance floor while animated walls dripped with fantastical imagery.

The dinner was served by waiters dressed from the storied Card Army, serving up five courses of fantasy: Curious Oyster Mousse with Chives, Mock Turtle Soup with White Rabbit Dumplings, Pig and Pepper Pie served with Cabbages & Kings and Cheshire Cat Cheese.

To finish guests wondered “Who Stole The Tarts?”

For all the fun, games and fanfare, the event raised several million Hong Kong dollars for the Autism Partnership Foundation.

A Decade of Britcham Balls

RSP is proud of the work it has produced for the British Chamber of Commerce over the years with event themes including Harry Potter, Pantomime, Pirates of the Caribbean, Top of the Pops – 1960’s and Death on the Nile.

“We’ve worked with RSP for several years now because they really just understand what we need, and have a real synergy with what we are about. RSP are incredibly creative and the delivery is always fantastic. With their understanding, I don’t have to go into great detail to explain what I need—which is the difference between RSP and other events suppliers I have worked with.”  Becky Roberts, Special Events Manager – British Chamber of Commerce.

Images copyright of RSP.