Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo, Huangzhou, Guangzhou, and Chongching: BALLY briefed RSP to produce a series of road-show events in Mainland China to showcase the craftsmanship at the heart of every pair of BALLY shoes.

A portable, easy to set-up and re-usable roadshow made for a consistent and flawless set-up. Every time.

Robust, Reliable and Re-usable

While style and quality are crucial to events produced for any fashion house, the brief from BALLY focussed on the production of a roadshow series that was portable, easy to set-up and re-usable while maintaining both consistency of the look, layout and communication and their high standards of production.

RSP designed a floor that could be snapped together and conceal all cabling and electricals neatly, safely and effectively, and form the base of an independent display area for the consistent set-up of the roadshow regardless of location. On top of that RSP designed and built showcases and props were made to handle the stresses of touring.

Effectively Managed

To ensure the consistent set-up of the roadshow as well as minimize the workload on local boutique staff, RSP project management travelled with the show around China to ensure flawless set-up, every time.

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