Singapore: Celebrated BALLY Creative Director Brian Attwood and the European team infuse glamour into the opening of BALLY at ION Orchard.

Vintage BALLY: Proving Style Is Timeless

Outstanding quality and craftsmanship are the fabric of the BALLY DNA and the focus of their event messages. Aiming to build on these, and expand the product range into women’s wear, fashion shoes and handbags, BALLY seeks to remind customers of the brand heritage and the message that their style is timeless.

Classic show-cases with a single pedestal elevating a solo shoe highlight an immaculate collection of vintage heels

Opening BALLY Ion, RSP worked alongside the BALLY creative team with the archive of vintage shoes and posters to underscore the currency those items carry even when integrated into the most modern boutique. Classic, elegant show-cases with a single pedestal elevating a solo shoe were built to highlight the immaculate collection of vintage heels, while advertising posters selected from the extensive archives were printed and tiled onto theatrical sharks tooth gauze as a feature wall fusing old-school craftsmanship with modern styling.

Quality Production For International Markets

Sharing synergy with the BALLY values of quality and craftsmanship the showcases and other props built by RSP for the ION opening have been recognised for the quality product they are and have been shipped for use in upcoming regional events.

Images copyright of BALLY used with their kind permission.